Journey of India - Manhattan Restaurant

is not a Restaurant... least, not in the conventional sense.


At Manhattan, we believe in the Indian tradition of “Atithi Devo Bhava” or treating the Guest as God which has been well-engrained in every Indian’s mind. This tradition involves immense care and respect for the guests in return of which, we get happy faces. Thus, this tradition became the guiding force for laying the foundations of Manhattan. Manhattan is an authentic fine dining Indian restaurant which has often received the feedback of being the best restaurant in Melbourne by its guests.

Indian cuisine has always contributed to the rich diversity of the country. The heterogeneity in over 30 Regional Indian Cuisines with not even an iota of similarity, Manhattan aims to promote and introduce the Indian Cuisine to the larger public by fitting in a day in the week dedicated to Indian food and trust us when we say that you will not find repetition for years as, Indian diversity is so unique.

Keeping this thought in mind, we have a Platter called the “Journey of India” which is a combination of seven different regional Indian Cuisines hence, its name. This food journey brings together India on your plate. The question is, are your taste buds ready to do justice to all the different types, textures, flavours of the food we present?

Manhattan also brings to you the famous street food of India. Pani Puri which is known by various names in different regions of India is another serving at Manhattan however, it is completely opposite of the traditional Pani Puri. We have 6 different flavours for each bite you take. What is new, lies in the presentation so see you at Manhattan!

Pani Puri

Curries in Indian food play an important role. Dal Makhani is a popular curry in the North Indian cuisine. Manhattan brings to you the authentic Dal Makhani from Amritsar. This curry requires love and time and thus, only you can tell us if our 17 Hours of love in making this curry are worth it.

Daal Makhani 2

Butter Chicken/ Paneer is another authentic curry from the streets of Delhi. In this curry, two opposites interact. Yes! You heard it right. This curry is spicy and sweet however, many people use sugar to make the curry sweet. We prepare this curry in food cream which gives it a rich texture along with the sweetness thus, making it authentic right to its core.

Butter chicken and rice

In Rajasthan (Western India), Dessert does not conclude the course meal rather starts it. Hence, we are obliged to offer you the most interesting dessert called “Pot of Surprise”. It is indeed a surprise not only from the outside but also from the inside. The guests get a flower pot with real flower, Layered with 4 unique textures of milk and 5 different smoked nuts, this dish will vanish in your mouth before you will know. So, get ready to be surprised with our pot of surprise as this time it is not a surprise yet a surprise.

Pot of Surprise

Manhattan provides Indian buffet and if you are looking for a vegan degustation in Melbourne, this is the place for you! Manhattan also offers catering in its Function Hall where we present you authentic Indian dishes that were created 2,400 years ago to 2,400 seconds ago. It is a combination of conventional and unconventional dishes which you like as everyone has different food preferences, this time you get to make your own menu! So, bring your friends and family to taste what you like as the best banquet menu in Melbourne is offered by us and set by you!